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Just Us Sisters Together

A ministry of Empowered, Inc.



This ministry is for women of all ages.  Its purpose is to bring women together to facilitate authentic relationships and develop authentic support one for another.  We will celebrate birthdays, anniversary, professional and personal accomplishments.  


We will foster within our JUST sisterhood a creed that supports:










The JUST ministry members will meet monthly commencing January of every year.  The monthly meeting will consist of prayer, devotionals on specific topics that will be addressed by multiple speakers and topics of discussion submitted by JUST members.


Retreats along with other activities to enhance sister-to sister relationships will be organized for JUST members.


Membership to JUST is $50.00 annually.  Each member will receive the monthly newsletter, access to the monthly meeting, personal growth challenges, discount registration to the United Sisters Symposium, and the JUST pin to wear proudly as you represent the JUST ministry.  To participate call (661) 347-9909

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